How Stable Is The iPhone Platform For Gaming?

Over the past few years, more and more developers, especially the creators of bingo games, have been turning their efforts towards designing games for iPhones – but how stable is this platform and how could possible instability effect the all important players gaming experience?

Operating System

As you’ll know, iPhones run on the iOS operating system which comes from Apple who makes the devices. Naturally this  means that the newest iPhones will always have the latest  (and best) version of the operating system in order to make the most of the phone.

When it comes to developing software or games for an iPhone operating system, developers will need to pay careful attention to the Apple powered IOS to make sure that the games function properly and don’t have unexpected quirks. Continue reading

Cover Cases for iPhone 6 Device

You cannot take the risk of keeping your iPhone 6 in pocket without enclosing it into a protective case. This is a way to expose your iPhone 6 to the risks of being exposed to dust, drops, water or more. This is why you should always look out for protective cases for your iPhone 6.

Ballistic Tough Jacket

The Ballistic tough jacket for iPhone 6 provides extra corner protection for your device against corner drops. It also absorbs all impact that a drop brings with it and the raised lips at its front protect your iPhone 6 screen from scratches and shocks. This case comes in two colour variants which are available in the market.

The Otterbox Defender Case

The Otterbox Defender for Iphone 6 is a well known rugged case that protects your device from bumps, drops, scuffs and more. This case is a triple layer case which also features a screen protector as well as a belt holster. The Otterbox Defender case is available in 4 colors.

The Griffin Survivor Terrain Case

The Griffin Survivor Terrain case is another rugged case for your iPhone 6 device that offer a 4 layered protection against any drops, dust, sand, rain, impacts, vibration and other environmental factors. The case also features an inner lining of foam, a shatter resistant polycarbonate casing and shock absorbing silicone. Apart from these the Griffin Survivor Terrain Case also has a belt clip. It is efficient enough to sustain a 2 meter drop on concrete while keeping your iPhone 6 safe.

The Supcase for iPhone 6

The Supcase for Iphone 6 is water resistant and also provides resistivity to dust and shock. This dual layer polycarbonate and TPU built case also features a screen protector and interchangeable covers.

Pelican ProGear Voyager Case

The Pelican ProGear Voyager case protects your iPhone 6 against drops and sharp objects. It has a multi layer polycarbonate casing and a scratch resistant screen protector. The slim design of this rugged case makes it stand out among all the other not so slim rugged cases. The case has 6 color variants that include grey, white, black, green and pink.

Racing Tyres Space Has Issued a BIG Challenge – Will You Accept?

Racing Tyres Space is a timewaster that has an irresistible challenge. of course, you’ll have to download the game in order to appreciate it. The game comes in two flavors, as many App Store games do: a lite version and a full version.

If you want to check out the lite version, you definitely can. A word of warning, before you get too excited: it only gives you one level to try out. Once you get the hang of that level, you’re going to be pretty hooked. The game has more challenge than meets the eye, giving you more than what you bargained for. The full version gives you twenty levels to check out, and they are definitely going to give you something to do. Let’s dig a little deeper into the game.

The first thing to notice is that this is not your typical rolling game. In other words, you have to study the physical engine that drives the entire system. This is custom built by the developer to be as realistic as possible. So there are actual physical forces pulling at your wheel as you move it around the tracks. This simulates real life in a way, even though we’re dealing with a futuristic planet.


Since you have a physical system that affects gameplay, it’s important to look closer at the three wheels you have to use within the game. There is a blue wheel, a yellow-brown wheel, and a red wheel. The blue wheel is built for minimum speed, which will serve you well in later levels. However, sometimes too much speed can make it even harder to clear a level. There’s a balancing act to this; are you scared yet?

It gets better. A lot of the tracks in the game have meaning behind their names. For example, the 6th track is called “The Two Peaks”, and it features two mountains that you have to master in order to move to the next round.

There’s plenty more action in this app, conveniently priced at just 99 cents in the App Store. If you want a timewaster with a little edge to it, you really need to check out Racing Tyres Space today.

Vonage Extensions app review – low cost international calling from your iPhone

Roaming charges. They can be the blight on the holiday abroad. The unpleasant unexpected bill on your return. Well, until now. This app brought to you by Vonage makes roaming charges a think of the past by letting you share a Vonage call plan with up to two smartphones. You can now speak to friends and family abroad from your iPhone using the basic Vonage monthly call package, which start from just £8.50 per month.

All the calls included in your call plan can be made from your iPhone, which gives you access to international calling to 68 countries across the world including everywhere from Bulgaria to Brazil. You can make use of Vonage when you’re abroad or it can be something friends and family in other countries can benefit from. All you need to do is take your Vonage box with you and hook it up to a broadband router, then you’re ready to pick up the phone and start making calls.


What’s really great about this app is just how easy it is to set up and use. Simply choose your plan and set up your account, download the free Vonage Extensions app from the online app store on your iPhone, link your iPhone to your Vonage account (you can add up to two and you must have a UK mobile number), then you’re ready to start making calls from your iPhone to destinations all over the world at no extra charge.

So how does this technology work then?

Well it’s all thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which utilises your broadband connection rather than traditional land-based phone lines that often require costly installation. When you compare the calling rates of Vonage to the leading mobile telecommunications operators you’ll soon realise just how much this app can save you. Download today.

Get All Your Learning Materials On Your iPhone Using iTunes U App

The old-fashioned textbook could be a thing of the past with Apple’s latest attempt to revolutionise the way we learn. Say hello to iTunes U

It’s a student’s dream, Everything associated with your course all in one portable place, iTunes U offers over half a million free lectures, videos and books across thousands of different subjects.

It works as a brilliant portal tor even the smallest details. As well as access to all types of multimedia content, you can view presentations and scroll through PDFs. iTunes U lets you browse from a collection of 26 countries, but expect that figure to rise as word spreads.

However, iTunes can be used by anyone. If you’re keen to study, a simple search in the app’s catalog will give you the opportunity to download a whole host of courses. Learning has never been this much fun – or as cheap.

iTunes U

Simplicity is at the heart of everything Apple does, and iTunes U’s no different with its clean, intuitive Ul. The app requires iOS 5.0 to function and comes with full iCloud syncing abilities. Here we guide you through the sign-up process.


Install the app from the iTunes App Store. When it has downloaded, click the app’s icon to load. You will automatically be taken to your Library, which looks very similar to the Newsstand app.


Tapping on the central dialog box will send you straight to the app’s massive selection of free courses. Once you’ve been directed to it, you can begin the search for your desired subject.


You can search via the What’s Hot tab. or through Categories for a genre-defined search. When you’ve pinned down the course for you, select it to be taken to more in-depth details.


After indulging in the extra detail, and if happy with your choice, hit the Subscribe Free box under the course’s title and then Get Course. It will now be added to your own Library.


Your course will appear in your bookshelf ready to be studied, Simply pressing on the cover will open a range of options to explore on an Info screen, including an overview and instructor profile.


If you press the Posts option, you get access to everything that has been posted by the lecturer. This is the main learning hub, with everything laid out in a chronological fashion. Happy learning!

10 More Rocking Apps for the iOS World

We couldn’t help ourselves. We put out a list of 5 apps that we wanted you to check out. However, we looked over everyone’s collection of great iOS apps and figured that ten more couldn’t hurt anything, right? Not at all!

So, let’s get into that list. Everyone’s going to have a different list but we wanted to publish ours. It’s pretty obvious that you’re going to want to have some time to check out all of these, so we limited it to just ten. If we come up with any more, we’ll make another guide. For now, here are those ten:

1. Vyclone

This is an app that’s available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad as well. This free app is a great video editing tool that lets you use video in a completely different way. This app is going to scan the area to see if anyone is shooting video near you. It will then edit all of the video clips together so that the same footage is seen from multiple angles. This is pretty neat for things like concerts, sports games, and events.

2. Highlight

This is an app that alerts you when a Facebook friend or anyone else with interests that match yours to hang out. You can send messages to them and even make some new friends. This app made its debut at SxSW and it looks like it’s definitely a crowd favorite.

3. Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio is all about finding the next podcast to fall in love with. If you’re mourning the death of talk radio in this country, don’t worry — Internet radio has taken over, and it’s clear that it’s definitely here to stay. You just have to make sure that you’re thinking always of the journey that you really want to make here. There’s no need to feel like it’s impossible to get on board with what really matters here — you’ll have plenty of podcasts to listen to. Stitcher Radio fills the gap that the Podcasts app left behind. Not sure where to begin? Just trust in the app and everything else will flow from there.

4. Pocket

Pocket lets you read everything offline that you view in Safari. You can change the text and also handle all of the usual sharing functions. Finished with content? Archive it rather than deleting it — that way you can still search for it if the mood strikes. It’s available across all iOS devices and is even available on Android. Way cool. Continue reading

Now Is the Time to Believe Even Harder in the Circle Of Apple – Even Without Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a great man. A man that truly understood what was important when it came to technology. A visionary. A legend. And there’s no one in the world that can take those things away from him. You don’t have to be an Apple fanboy or fangirl to realize the impact that Mr. Jobs has had on the industry at large.

But guess what? The industry is going to move forward, and Apple is going to follow suit. You’re not going to see Apple die a slow death just because its founder passed away. We will miss Steve and his rants, raves, lectures, and convictions over his company’s technology. However, there is going to be even more innovations from Apple, because Apple is more than just Steve Jobs. There are thousands and thousands of people behind the Apple machine. What’s more to the point is that Tim Cook is a competent leader that also has visions for the company. He served as CEO while Steve Jobs took medical leaves of absences, so it’s quite possible that he will rise to even higher expectations as he now has the reins to the company for good.

There’s a lot of talk online about giving up Apple products or even selling Apple stock. Why — why would you sell something that is sure to go up? There’s a lot of focus on Apple right now in the midst of Jobs’ passing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the technology that’s already here.

We’re Apple fans that definitely believe that the company will continue to put out good stuff. The IPad 2 is on point. The iPhone 5 is going to be incredible — after all, it’s an established platform now. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t expect a 5th generation piece of technology to be incredible.

It’s just time for Apple fans and even Apple critics to come back to the circle of Apple. We’re serious, folks. It’s really time to believe that things are not only going to get better, but they’re going to stay like that for the long run.

If you’re in the market for technology now, there are still a lot of great Apple products to choose from. Since the company isn’t going away any time soon, this is still the time to purchase Apple products and services. Good luck with your purchases and have fun — isn’t that the point of new tech toys?

5 Apps on the iPhone To Let You Truly Have a Virtual Office

These days, a business owner can’t just stay in one office. If they really want to expand and make as much money as possible, they have to start traveling.  Yet how do you bring the best of the office with you whenever you go? Well, you will want to make sure that you actually stop and look at the tools you have already.

Believe it or not, the iPhone is a powerful tool that you can use to really make things happen in a big way. For example, you have a lot of free and cheap apps in the App Store to help you gain additional functionality. Some of them are so good that you might not even have to carry along your laptop for the ride, though it doesn’t hurt to have it handy.

We collected 5 apps for the iPhone that really will help you make the best out of traveling for your business — no matter what industry you’re in!

1. DropBox

If you work outside of your office, then online file storage is definitely a must. We really like DropBox because it’s easy to use — you move files and you’re good to go. The site’s administrators are very good at backups as well, which means that you never have to worry about losing your files just because a site was unreliable. DropBox has been around for a while, and it looks like it’s definitely here to stay.

2. Find My iPhone

If you’ve lost your iPhone, this app can help you get it back. It uses the iPhone’s GPS power to automatically help you recover your phone. You can find it on the map, which can help if your phone has been stolen. If there’s sensitive data on your Apple phone, then you can have it wiped remotely — which is definitely a lifesaver!

Of course, if you’re like us, you’ve probably lost your phone in between the couch cushions at least once or twice. The app can send out a beeping alert that can help you find your phone that way too.

3. Genius Scan

Ever been to a presentation and you wished that you could copy down what the whiteboard said before it was erased? Enter Genius Scan, which is an app that lets you snap a picture and categorize it so that you can find it easily later. You can also “scan” real documents, like receipts. You can upload the scans to Google Docs and even EverNote (which has an awesome iPhone app, by the way). It’s $2.99, but that’s cheap when you look at everything that it can do.

Want to put it to your computer without having to worry about cords and cables? You can do that via Wi-Fi — all wireless, just the way you like it! Continue reading

Applications For the iPhone are Geared at the USMLE Board Exam Review

There are very few medical students who look forward to the USMLE exams and just thinking about them can send even the best student into a panic. Apple, the maker of the iPhone understands the need for an easy way to study for them and this is why they came up with an application to help with studying. Not only have applications been made for the iPhone but they are also made for other Apple products such as the iPod Touch and the iPad.


One of the most popular apps are the pretests that are basically practice tests that offer ways for students to choose a medical specialty if they have not already done so. While other exams in the same area and on different platforms offer the same perks, only Apple apps allow the students to take their time with the tests. They can even pause the testing and go back to it later when more time is available for them to put their entire energy in to answering the questions. There are also study aids to help prepare for the exams that many find convenient to use because of the portability of the Apple products.

You will be able to know more about just what you will need by enrolling on an Apple course and making sure that you pass it. After you have passed, you will feel great!

Great iOS Friendly Apps To Check out Today

Missed the latest round of apps in iPhone land? Don’t worry, we have you covered. It’s downright impossible to always make sure that you get all of the different apps that have come out. If you’re looking for that extra bit of something for your iPhone or even your iPad, this is the guide for you.

1. Verbs

Are you a big Google Talk fan? Agitated that there’s no Google produced app for this on iOS? Don’t worry — Verbs has you covered. This is a premium app that costs money, but it works very smoothly on iOS. Take that, imo.

2. Gmail

If you haven’t gotten the Gmail app, you really need to. It looks just heavenly in iOS-land, and it has such a smooth setup. The Gmail app on the Android side just doesn’t compare. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

3. iA Writer

If you’re taking a lot of notes everyday, then iA writer has to become your new best friend. It just has to be that way, sorry. You will have your articles and notes stored as plain text, which means that just about every app you can think of works well for this purpose.

You’ll like the distraction free interface, as well as the fact that it syncs to Dropbox as much as possible. You will also be able to search for important keywords in every article or note file in a flash. This is very good to keep track of things you might have forgotten otherwise.

4. Reeder

Are your RSS feeds out of control? Reeder can help. Even though Google Reader is the go to, that doesn’t mean that you always want to work in that interface. Reeder actually saves to not only Pocket, but also Evernote, Twitter, Safari, email, Facebook, iMessage/SMS, Instapaper and plenty more services where that came from.

This is an RSS reader that you’ll enjoy for a very long time.

5. TweetBot

We’re pretty big Twitter fans, and Tweetbot just works. It’s hard to get recognition on iOS for a great Twitter client, but you’ll like this one. If you’re still thinking that TweetDeck is the end all, be all — you’re in for a really nice treat here.

Overall, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to iOS — whether it’s iPhone, the iPod touch, or the iPod. There are just too many great apps out there to list them all, though we would have loved to do so if we could. Why not check out all of these great apps and see for yourself?

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