The iPhone Comes Home to Verizon – Are You Ready?

It’s a great day to be a Verizon customer. If you haven’t gotten the news yet, the iPhone is now available on both AT&T and Verizon. Verizon customers have been waiting a long time for the iPhone, but is it really worth the wait? That’s what you can expect to find out after reading this guide!

If there ever was a device that’s been hyped up by the media inside and out, it’s definitely the iPhone. Even though there are plans for a 5th generation device, the current model in use right now is the iPhone 4.

One thing that you have to understand right off the bat is that this is going to be a slightly different phone than what you would have found on AT&T. That’s because there are two different standards at play here. On AT&T you have GSM, which is mainly used overseas, and on Verizon you have CDMA, which is more or less unique to North America and a few other places. There are some serious differences between the two, which means that you have to make sure that you know what you’re getting into with the iPhone. It’ll be a lot less painful that way!

Speed isn’t going to be a problem with the Verizon iPhone — you’ll be able to take full advantage of those 1xEV-DO rev A speeds, as you might expect. Initial reviews have been pretty positive of this fact, which means that Verizon users can look forward to browsing websites and exchanging data faster than they might have been able to in the past.

The screen is still huge at 640×960 pixels, and you can rest assured that the colors are still as vibrant and heavy as they were on the AT&T. Retina is definitely a good thing.

The nice part about the iPhone on Verizon is that the interface is much the same. The call quality is a lot higher on Verizon than it is on the AT&T network, but that’s not the only thing that’s superior.

On Verizon, the iPhone 4 can act as a mobile hotspot. If you’re traveling along and you want to make sure that everyone around you can connect to the Internet, then you will definitely want to step up to the plate with the Verizon model more than the AT&T version. However, don’t think that this will be a freebie: you will need to pay $20/mo on top of your normal data costs to have the ability to share a data connection with up to 5 devices.

Is the Verizon powered iPhone worth it? At this point, we would definitely have to say yes. However, be prepared to find that Verizon’s overall costs are a bit higher than what you might have experienced on AT&T. It just depends. Right now, Verizon has unlimited iPhone data, but this is something that could change as popularity grows.

Will this new information steer you to Verizon, or you’ll be staying with AT&T? Sound off in the comments!

Best Free iPhone Games


Collect as many diamonds as you can to charge your power and get through some challenging and tough obstacles. If you enjoy Doodle Jump you will also love this addictive and entertaining game. Great graphics, exciting level ups.

Angry Birds Lite

Smash the enemy, the green pigs who stole the Birds’s eggs. Angry Birds Lite comes with endless hours of fun, 12 brain challenging levels, quality sound and animations, real physics and impressive puzzles.

Tap Zoo

Expand you own Zoo with new animals and attractions to engage visitors. Choose between 50 animals, build restaurants and stores, place rivers and sidewalks, plant tress to make your Zoo more enticing for guests.

Assault Squadron

If you love shooters then Assault Squadron is for you. Upgrade your ships and special abilities to defeat your enemy, while enjoying amazing visuals and experiencing every hit and explosion via the vibration feature….Well done game. Continue reading

Stuck at the Airport – An iPhone Casino App Could Be The Best Way to Pass The Time!

Air travel is one of the most important ways of getting from one place to another, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be always pleasant all of the time. There are going to be downtimes where you are going to really have to find something to do or you’re going to end up driving yourself crazy in the process of getting some entertainment in. Airports aren’t always known for having a lot to do, but what if you already have your iPhone at your side?

Instead of thinking that you really can’t go out and have a good time, you can actually pull out your iPhone and get some entertainment there. What are we really referring to, you might ask? Well, it’s like this: you can turn to a good iPhone casino app to pass the time. In fact, it really could be the best way to pass the time that you can think of. The more that you really think about all of your entertainment options as they relate to your mobile phone, the more excitement that you’re going to have in general. But how do we really begin going about the task of passing away all of that time at the airport?

You go and look at the best iPhone casino app for your needs. iPhone gamblers love taking in all of the options of the casinos around them and then going with the best one. They often leave behind great reviews so that instead of worrying about playing somewhere, you will be able to play with confidence.

Are you ready to take the next step but you’re a little worried about security? not a problem at all! You see, a lot of people worry their information isn’t going to be as secure because they’re in an airport, where an open wireless connection is present. Casinos online have thought about this and they do make sure that you have the power to actually cut through boredom without losing your sensitive information in the process.

The general way this is accomplished is through encryption. Standard encryption is still going to be the rule of law in terms of mobile gambling options. Think about it from this point of view — do you really think an online casino would be in business long if they didn’t make security a priority? We didn’t think so!

So if you’re stuck at the airport, an iPhone casino app could be the best way to pass the time until your flight arrives — really!

Advantages of the camera on the iPhone

Often having a camera on a mobile phone seems like a great idea. All of us carry a phone with us but we do not always have a camera and so having one on the phone is great.

The problem with some phones is that the picture quality is very poor or the screen is not good and so the pictures do not look very nice. It is also not always easy to work out how to get the pictures off the camera. However, with the iPhone the camera is 5 megapixel which means that the pictures taken are great quality. It also has a built in flash and so they will not be too dark and will be sharper. It even has a digital zoom up to 5 times so you can get a great picture. There is a front camera too so you can take pictures of yourself as well.

There is a great feature where you can tap the screen to force it to focus on a particular area, if you do not like the autofocus option. One massive advantage is that you can email the pictures to people or of course yourself. This means that it is so easy to share the pictures with your friends and family and to get them from your phone on to a computer. If you have ever tried taking pictures with a phone then you will be very impressed with the great quality that the iPhone offers especially the iPhone 4.