Find My Car Smart – The First iPhone Bluetooth 4.0 Application

Bluetooth 4.0 was recently launched and the first application that took advantage of the technology is Find My Car Smart. This was launched by Kickstarter and the premise of the app is really simple. Its usefulness is definitely easy to understand by simply looking at the name. It will include a special Bluetooth 4.0 module that is included inside the car. As soon as you are going to park, the iPhone app will be triggered and this is going to mark the vehicle’s location. Such information can be used in order to get back to the vehicle. We are in front of an extremely useful app when thinking about the really big parking lots where it is so easy to end up forgetting where the car is parked.

One of the biggest advantages that are offered is the fact that the iPhone app does not need to be switched on all the time as with other apps. You can use it only when needed and the module that is installed inside the vehicle will always pinpoint the location of the car for the smart phone to memorize. You will no longer have to take notes or use location apps that are much more difficult to use.

Find My Car Smart Setup

The first thing that you have to do is download the app from the iTunes store. Make sure that the app is allowed to find current location when you do this. Plug the Find My Car Smart Bluetooth device or a compatible device into the car. Make the iPhone 4S pairing and this is one setup process that needs to be done just once. You will love the fact that everything is really fast and the entire process just takes around 1 minute.

How Does Find My Car Smart Work?

It is really easy to understand how this app functions. It will basically make a note of the exact place where you parked the vehicle and include it in the iPhone program. You can easily find it afterwards by following the indications that are included on the phone menu. It is perfect when you forget where the car was parked and the interactive map that is included will be really easy to follow for anyone.

Keep in mind that Bluetooth 4.0 is just supported by the iPhone 4S at the moment so you need such a smart phone if you intend to use it. In addition, GPS technology is going to be included.

Crime City for iPhone Review

In the event that you played games like Mafia Wars on social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook, there is a huge chance that you will appreciate Crime City. This is a very interesting game that is available for all people that own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. From the first moment that you open the interface you are going to be reminded of Mafia Wars. In this game your goal is to build a crime empire. You will be able to rob other people, complete jobs, complete goals and even build a Mafia of real users.

There is also the exact same game available on Facebook right now. You can browse through games that are available on the network and give it a try before trying Crime City on your iPhone. It is basically the same thing. Crime City will offer gamers a ton of interesting features and it is free. The only thing that you can pay money for is an extra purchase of items that are available. This is a game that can only be played online and it is highly sociable.

Crime City Features

Crime City is a MMOG that is played live. You can rob and fight other players and there are over 150 special cars and weapons that can be bought in game. The player can own one of over 80 real estate properties and there are around 500 different crime jobs and 200 goals that can be complete. This game is quite big with over 60 areas that can be explored, 100 decorations and 60 game center achievements. You can build restaurants, casinos, hotels, beat up people or players, do heists and steal cars.

What is interesting with Crime City is the fact that you can invite your friends in order to make the mafia stronger and this is similar to what you can do on the Facebook version. The properties that you build are going to generate income that can be spent on items or other buildings. There is also a story that you can follow and the graphics are actually really attractive.

On the whole, Crime City is a very entertaining game that is not at all complicated and will bring in hours of fun with friends. According to all people that tested it, Crime City is currently one of the best games of this type and since it is free, there is absolutely no reason why you should not try it.