Advantages of the camera on the iPhone

Often having a camera on a mobile phone seems like a great idea. All of us carry a phone with us but we do not always have a camera and so having one on the phone is great.

The problem with some phones is that the picture quality is very poor or the screen is not good and so the pictures do not look very nice. It is also not always easy to work out how to get the pictures off the camera. However, with the iPhone the camera is 5 megapixel which means that the pictures taken are great quality. It also has a built in flash and so they will not be too dark and will be sharper. It even has a digital zoom up to 5 times so you can get a great picture. There is a front camera too so you can take pictures of yourself as well.

There is a great feature where you can tap the screen to force it to focus on a particular area, if you do not like the autofocus option. One massive advantage is that you can email the pictures to people or of course yourself. This means that it is so easy to share the pictures with your friends and family and to get them from your phone on to a computer. If you have ever tried taking pictures with a phone then you will be very impressed with the great quality that the iPhone offers especially the iPhone 4.

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