5 Useful Apps for the Newcomer to the iPhone World

There are really only two types of people in this world: those that like the Apple platform in all of its flavors, and those that don’t. If you’re not really a big Apple person, then you might want to find another guide. Hey, those Android phones are nice and who can knock the BlackBerry? However, around here we’re pretty Team Apple, and we really like it that way. If you’re not sure how to get started with your shiny new iPhone, we are definitely the right people to ask.

Now, when it comes down to usefulness, we admit that everyone’s going to have a different definition. We like ours: whatever helps us make our day a little brighter, a little more cheerful, and a lot more fun. That can be silly things, or really productive things. Hey, all work and no play, right?

So below is a list of 5 great iPhone apps for newcomers. Now, we already know that some of you are going to have strong opinions once we post the list. That’s OK — just make sure that you sound off in the comments with the apps that didn’t make the list. If there’s something that’s really amazing, we want all of our readers to benefit from it. If you don’t have anything new, then let this list just be your guide — the rest will fall into place from there!

1. LED-Flashlight

Now, it might sound silly to start the list with something as small as a flashlight program, but admit it: you’ve used your phone as a flashlight before. This is just an app that makes that process a lot easier. Instead of trying to deal with the backlight, you can actually use the camera flash as your flashlight to end all flashlights. It’s going to chomp through some battery life, but why would you really care about that? It’s a flashlight; it goes without saying it’s not going to be battery friendly!

2. AroundMe

This is a very neat, very visual app that shows you anything of interest around you. It’s another marriage of mapping technology, camera technology, and GPS, but it’s pretty and the comments can help you sift out the good from the bad. Definitely wroth checking out.

3. InstaPaper

InstaPaper turns everything you read online into its own little collection to be savored for later. If you’re someone that can’t be online without checking out the news, then this is something that you will definitely want to look more into. Some people have compared it to turning the entire Web into your own personal library, which is never a bad idea. Continue reading

Cooking iPhone Apps

Many people can find some apps rather expensive and disappointing. With cooking apps, it is worth looking for something quite out of the ordinary. If they just give you a selection of recipes then you have to decide whether you would be better off looking through the online recipes where there are many great websites out there to choose form. However, an phone app should be able to offer you something beyond that such as some video, good photos or just something a bit more interactive. Below are an example of some of the apps that are available.

Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals

This app has 50 recipes which the chef has written especially for this app. There are step-by-step photos so you can make sure you are doing everything right and there is even a 90 minute video where he shows you how to cook. The Apple iphone app store shows some review of this app and they are all good ones.

Nigella Quick Collection

This contains a selection of 70 simple and delicious meals. There are some videos showing demonstrations of some of the recipes and also some which illustrate techniques like how to de-seed a pomegranate. The app has some good photographs.


This is quite a cheap app and is also fun but useful. If you like cooking steaks but are never quite sure how long for, then this is perfect for you. You can select up to eight pieces of meat, you put in the cut and use the ruler to put in the thickness. Then after entering your required cooking level (such as rare, medium) it will then let you know when to turn it over and when it is done.


This is a free app which allows you to search over 30,000 recipes. You are able to save your favourites, so they are easier to access next time and use the ingredients lists to create shopping lists. You can email the recipes and shopping lists if you want to. There are featured recipes in different categories, a search facility and you can even filter by the foods you have in your fridge. It has been criticised for being too American and having a lot of adverts but it is free.

Iphone Apps for Parents

If you are a parent then you will know how it is sometimes difficult to keep a young child occupied while you are trying to have a quiet moment or a natter to a friend. Having a few iPhone apps that they can play with, could really add on to your social or rest time. Here are a few examples of what is currently available.

Elmo’s Monster Maker

Sesame Street’s Elmo will help children to create their own monster. They get to choose its body and features such as hat and then he will play with the monster. You can change the look of the monster, take a picture of it and play music for it to dance too.


If you are staying away form home with your baby then this app is really useful. It is a baby monitor which, if it hears any noise will telephone any number you wish. Therefore it can the home number at the place you are staying or maybe another mobile phone that is in the house. The sensitivity can be adjusted so if your child is a snorer it will not think that is it crying.

Preschool Adventure

This is a very cheap app which has a selection of games aimed at toddlers and pre-school children. It has things like dot-to-dot, colouring, sounds, matching, shapes, colours and ABC. It is the ideal thing to entertain children when they are bored. Good for restaurants, train journeys or things like that.

Yes, There Really Are Great Gambling Apps for the iPhone

If there’s one phone that catches attention lately, it’s definitely the iPhone. Yes, it’s true that there’s an Android revolution, and it’s even true that consumers are thinking about the BlackBerry in a new light. But there’s a ring of awe around the iPhone, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s just totally cool to have an iPhone these days, and it’s become the hottest status symbol around.

So, if you have an iPhone — rejoice! However, what if you also have a deep craving to play your favorite casino games on the iPhone? Online craps and blackjack are great casino games, but when you’re on the go you won’t always be able to bring your laptop with you.

Does that mean you won’t be able to enjoy a few casino games? Definitely not — you can bring the fun of the casino onto your iPhone anytime.

Don’t believe us? Check out these wonderful iPhone goodie apps:

Craps Deluxe

Get back into the casino with Craps Deluxe, an app that actually strives to do exactly what the name says. You’re going to get a truly deluxe experience when it come sot playing craps, and that’s exactly what you want. Why settle for anything less than that?

Sho Chiku Pachinko

Looking for something a little more…exotic? Get a touch of Japanese culture with your gambling with Sho Chiku Pachinko. It’s one of the most popular gambling games in Japan, and now it’s on the iPhone — what more could you want? If you’re not sure how to play pachinko, that shouldn’t stop you from having a good time — the game has plenty of nice instructions to get you started.

Blackjack World Pro

Blackjack World Pro is an app that truly gives you a global experience when it comes to playing the game of blackjack. You can choose between casinos in six cities around the world, including Las Vegas and even Monte Carlo.

What’s compelling about this app is that the rules and nuances of the casinos mentioned in the game have actually been researched so it really is like being in Atlantic City or Reno or even Macao! What more could you want?

Overall, it’s a great day to be a gambler, and a great day to be an iPhone owner, so why not combine the two? Go out and download a few of the apps mentioned in this guide — you’ll be glad you did!

Apps for Working Out

If you like working out or need some encouragement, then why not choose an iphone app to help you. There are many different ones aimed at different types of exercise but any one could really help to encourage you to keep fit.

There are some which have workout routines on them so you almost have your own personal trainer at the end of the phone. Then there are ones which are specifically designed for yoga and there are a selection of stretches that you can do. Then there is one which gives you an exercise plan to warm up to doing a 5K run.

It starts assuming you never run and helps you go step by step to train up to a 5k level. There is one which provides you with a 6 week training session to build up to doing 100 push ups. Exercise can be something that is hard to do because motivation can be low. It can be easy to start but then keeping going can be a lot of hard work.

Therefore having an app like this could be extremely useful in encouraging you to keep going with whatever training you want to do. It could be even better if you do it with a friend and keep each other informed as to how well you are doing or whatever, you can easily do this using email or text messaging on your iphone. There are more general apps as well where you can select men’s or women’s fitness routines.

Real Money Gaming on iOS and Android Devices

Gambling apps have proven to be some of the most popular games on iOS and Android devices, and slowly but surely more options are coming to market that let players log onto poker and internet casino sites and play for real money. Tons of poker and casino iPhone apps have been available since the initial launch of the iPhone (including the Apple Texas Hold’em app developed by Apple itself) but the vast majority are for play money competition only.

Both Apple and Google have been hesitant to approve real money wagering apps in their respective online app stores, but Apple’s stance has begun to thaw a bit, especially for iPhone and iPad owners in countries outside the US. Major sportsbooks such as bwin and Paddy Power have been approved to list apps in both the App Store and the Android Market that let their customers outside the US place bets on sports, play poker, and try a few spins at sots, roulette, and other casino games.

Plenty of gambling apps exist that don’t involve actual wagering at all, such as casino strategy apps that can teach you how to count cards at blackjack as well as how to find the best video poker game to play. Utility apps for poker include free tournament clocks for managing your own poker games at home as well as odds calculators and tools for tracking your wins and losses over multiple playing sessions.

iPhone app review – ingenie

Ingenie is a new brand in the UK offering young driver insurance. Their iPhone app has been designed specifically for ingenie customers. You can view your policy details, check the phone numbers for claims or breakdown recovery, but most importantly, you can check your driving feedback.

Ingenie fits a black box in your car that collects and transmits data on your driving trends. Depending on how you’ve been driving, your premium could increase or decrease every three months.

Customers can see how they’re doing by checking their driving feedback. This can be viewed on the ‘My Driving’ section of the app. ingenie provide colour-coded feedback on your speed, accelerating, braking and cornering. Green messages let you know that you’re driving consistently well, amber feedback indicates areas you need to improve on, and red messages inform you that there is a serious problem with that area of your driving.

As well as driving feedback the app also has a useful 10 step guide which takes you through what to do if you’ve had a crash.

The ingenie app is available to ingenie customers on the App Store.

Face the PRINCE2 Certification Exam With Confidence – This App Helps You Pass With Ease!

If you’re a project manager in the UK, you’re all too familiar with the PRINCE2 certification track. It’s something that employers look for, especially when you’re trying to rise higher in an organization than where you are at currently. Instead of thinking that you’re going to have no study options when you’re on the go, why not think about your iPhone and what it can do for you? That’s the real way to succeed, you know.

You want to switch gears and make sure that you focus on being able to study no matter where you are. The good news is that PRINCE2 training on the go is not as difficult as you think.

We hunted around the App Store and found an app that really deserves some attention — it’s the PRINCE2 Learning Aid from QA.

What makes this app so powerful is that it’s backed by a learning PRINCE2 training provider. That means that you’re not just getting someone’s thoughts on what the PRINCE2 test contains — you’re getting proper study questions from a reigning leader in the preparation field. So there’s a little peace of mind there that you’re getting the right information in terms of format and general questions.

The app is so useful because you’re going to be seeing richly detailed diagrams of key concepts, such as the project lifecycle and how business activities should be processed. As you might imagine, these are topics that will serve you well long after you’ve already taken and passed the exam.

Becoming certified is only one step in your overall journey as a project manager, but it’s a step that many employers are expecting that you’ll take eventually. So if you really want to make sure that you’re prepared to take the exam, this learning aid app is really a great fit for you.

The best part? It’s free! Check it out today!

World’s Best Travel Apps

Remember when travelling used to be a chore? Back around the time of Phileas Fogg, traversing the globe was a total nightmare. Nowadays, the only mild inconveniences are airport security and the air hostess telling you to switch your phone off. Smartphones have long since supplanted looking out the window as the preferred means of passing the time when you’re stuck in your seat, whether it be in a jet, car, train, boat or Soyuz spacecraft. Though if you’ve managed to pay $30million for the privilege of being sent into space, it would seem wasteful to be mucking about on Concur while travelling faster than Concorde.

Travel apps have changed the way most of us move. At the last count, there were 24,000 travel apps on the Apple App Store, with more being added every day, which is great news if you have just picked up an iPhone 4S contract before you set off on your travels. From currency converters to airport maps, online travel agents to foreign language lessons; suffice to say, they’ve thought of just about everything. But which are the best of the bunch?

It’s worth nothing, first of all, that not all of the 24,000 apps on the App Store are particularly useful. Many are pointless, inane and redundant. The best, however, can be saving graces, providing GPS to ride to the rescue when you’re lost; alerting you to top-rated restaurants in your vicinity and providing a succinct appraisal of car-hire companies and their rates.

For the latter, the Kayak app, available for free and compatible with Android phones, BlackBerry and iPhone/Pad, is the pick of the bunch, and can also return useful results for flights and hotels, allowing you to plan your itinerary in just a few swishes of a smartphone’s screen.

If you happen to be travelling to multiple destinations within a short timeframe, the Trip It Travel Organizer is equally handy. Once linked to your email account, Trip It funnels every confirmation number that enters your inbox into a simple itinerary for your convenience. Flight delays or cancellations are even accommodated, with Trip It updating your schedule automatically.

The popular travel guide Lonely Planet, meanwhile, has entered the app world, offering a service replete with maps, walking tours and audio phrasebooks. While the print guide is still the best way get the full lowdown on your destination, the apps are more up-to-date, and can be used in conjunction with others – like Qtype, for example.

Qtype is a location-based application that puts hundreds of thousands of travel reviews in the palm of your hand. First night in Vien Tien, Laos? Not sure where to go, where not to go and what bizarre local laws you may be violating by having the tattoo of a naked lady exposed on your left deltoid? Qtype can help you locate the best nightlife and eating spots, before showing you the way with a helping hand from Google maps.

If you’re a budding travel photographer, the Photosynth app stitches together your scenic photos to create panoramic vistas and 360-degree views that would normally take a weekend of intensive Photoshopping to achieve. Even postcards can now be sent via smartphones, with the Postagram app. Snap a pic, write a message and Postagram will despatch it back home, all for the cost of a regular postcard. Alternatively, you may wish to simply look up the Skype app and video call your family for free. These days, anyone can travel around the world with 80 apps. With a little planning and a universal phone charger, anything’s possible.

What Does it Take to Find the Best iPhone Mobile Casino App

It’s official: everything’s gone mobile. You can pay a lot of your bills from your phone, look up the best grocery store, and even figure out how to connect just about anything that clicks, buzzes, or makes a loud noise to anything else that clicks, buzzes, or makes a loud noise. Did we mention that a lot of this occurs without wires? Such is the digital world that we live in.

If you’re rocking an iPhone right now and you need to check out the best iPhone mobile casino app, you’re actually in great company. Many casinos realize that some of their diehard fans are iPhone users first and foremost — take that, Android — and that means that they’re going to want a mobile interface that takes advantage of that sexy Retina display, if you know what we mean.

Can you find that perfect app? What about bonuses?

Now, we can hear some of you practically groaning right now, but the truth is that casino bonuses just make you feel like a winner. Who doesn’t want to be appreciated the very moment they come to a casino? You can get more money for your bankroll, which is always a good thing. The more money you have, the more you can play. The more you can play, the more likely it is that you can win big at the casino — can’t win if you don’t play, you know.

As far as the iPhone experience goes, you’ll be able to play as much as you want, as long as you can find an active game. Most casinos run pretty much around the clock, especially when it comes to making players happy. This means that you can play at the casino when it pleases you, without feeling rushed into things.

Don’t think that just because you’re going to be on a mobile device means that you can’t make new friends. You never know who will be at the casino tables with you, and when they’re playing. Making friends in the casino community is smart because they can always help you on your technique and then both of you become even better — who doesn’t want that?

Now that the iPhone is an established platform, you will probably find plenty of mobile iPhone casinos just waiting for you to check them out — start today!

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