Advantages of the camera on the iPhone

Often having a camera on a mobile phone seems like a great idea. All of us carry a phone with us but we do not always have a camera and so having one on the phone is great.

The problem with some phones is that the picture quality is very poor or the screen is not good and so the pictures do not look very nice. It is also not always easy to work out how to get the pictures off the camera. However, with the iPhone the camera is 5 megapixel which means that the pictures taken are great quality. It also has a built in flash and so they will not be too dark and will be sharper. It even has a digital zoom up to 5 times so you can get a great picture. There is a front camera too so you can take pictures of yourself as well.

There is a great feature where you can tap the screen to force it to focus on a particular area, if you do not like the autofocus option. One massive advantage is that you can email the pictures to people or of course yourself. This means that it is so easy to share the pictures with your friends and family and to get them from your phone on to a computer. If you have ever tried taking pictures with a phone then you will be very impressed with the great quality that the iPhone offers especially the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S – the hottest gadget in town in Hong Kong

Demand for the iPhone 4S has reached fever pitch in Hong Kong. So many have been trying to buy the latest Apple device from its stores that they have been forced to limit sales to online orders. Yet because of reports surrounding a shortage iPhone 4S contracts, not only do people want to buy it they are also hoping to make some money from it as well.

The iPhone 4S is listed for on average HK$ 5,088, around £416. However some are paying up to 30% more than that, up to HK$6,680 almost £450. The reason is almost a case of Chinese whispers. Fears the handset is in short supply have contributed, so many smaller stores have pushed up their prices, emphasising the desirability of the handset. Others pay the inflated prices over worries that they may get conned into buying an Apple handset that is not an iPhone 4S. The new handset, although featuring subtle differences, does look a lot like the iPhone 4.

One report, in China Daily says that in one mobile phone market in Hong Kong many of the stores carry signs either saying they will pay a high price for an iPhone 4S, or that they have them in stock. Nowhere, though, do they mention prices.

It reflects the ongoing enthusiasm for Apple devices in Hong Kong. The iPhone 4S launched there in early November. On the night of the launch there were 5,000 iPhone 4S devices in the main International Finance Centre, or IFC store where the main Apple shop is. Over 100,000 people queued to get their hands on the new device. Headlines were made as fights broke out and police were called to separate angry Apple customers.

However, some of those who managed to buy a device quickly resold it to dealers for a much higher price. Apple closed the store the same day blaming the chaos and issued a statement saying they would not be selling the iPhone 4S to anymore walk in customers, instead those interested would have to register first or order online. Sales were limited to two per person. Even despite their restrictions, the store sold out of iPhone 4S devices two days later. On their online store the message next to the iPhone 4S still says it is currently unavailable.

Hong Kong was part of the third phase of the iPhone 4S launch. In the gap between its launch in the UK and the US, demand raged on the black market. It has continued in China, where the device is not expected to launch until mid-December, meaning Hong Kong has become a conduit for Apple devices and the market in China. One retailer estimated they had sold around 1,000 black market iPhone 4S’ before its official launch in the country. Those selling the devices at inflated prices are banking on Apple not re-stocking the device but at some point they will and the re-sellers will be left with expensive handsets that they might not be able to sell on.

Apple would obviously not be pleased to see its devices on the black market but the hysteria surrounding the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong clearly shows demand for Apple phone deals in Asia remains high. China is still a major target for Apple as they have tagged it as an area for growth. As soon as more devices become available it is likely demand will increase even further.

Why Buy an iPhone?

To many people think an iphone may seem like a big expense, but there are many good reasons for having one. Many people feel that it is just an expensive phone and although it is a phone and phone book, it has a lot more to offer than that.

There is the Internet access for one thing. This allows you to be able to access certain websites wherever you are, meaning that you can get a lot of information very easily, keep an eye on your eBay auctions while you are out and about and even compare prices of things in the shops with what’s available online. It can be an extremely useful thing to have. However, there are other phone that can do this as well. If you like listening to music you can do so on this phone, rather than having to carry a separate MP3 player.

The screen is also a lot bigger than many other devices and very clear with a built in camera and you can even have video conferences using it. There are a huge selection of apps as well, many of them are free or just a small amount of money and so there are lots of great things. There are games and  recipes, maps and music, exercise and work. With such a lot to choose from, the only disadvantage of the phone is that you will spend a very long time enjoying and playing with it when it is new and maybe even when it is not. But then if you have a great phone, why not enjoy it!

New iPhone could be set to arrive this summer

There are strong rumours that the latest model in Apple’s iPhone range – the iPhone 5 is about to start production – with the aim that it will be in the shops in time for summer 2012. With the iPhone officially becoming the biggest selling Smartphone on the market during the latter quarter of 2011, this represents major news for enthusiasts, and the rumours come from a reliable source – namely Foxconn in China, via the 9to5 Mac website – meaning that there is plenty of reason for iPhone fans to get excited in the early part of this year.

With the rumours appearing to have a solid basis in fact, the speculation is already beginning about exactly what Apple will be offering consumers when it comes to the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5. The sources have indicated that more than one prototype of the iPhone 5 is in existence, all of which vary to some degree from the others, with the result that not even those working on the production of it are completely sure what the form factor will be eventually be for the iPhone 5. However the report provided by the sources does provide some indications as to standard features included in all the prototypes, and which it can therefore be feasibly assumed will be part of the eventual release. These include a form factor different from the iPhone 4S, a bigger 4-inch screen and the abandonment of the teardrop design. It has also been indicated that the iPhone 5 is longer and wider than the 4S, which makes sense as it is set to feature a bigger screen.

The fact that production on the iPhone 5 appears to be starting now has definitely raised hopes that Apple are planning a summer launch for it, which would match the strategy adopted so successfully for the 4S – check out the latest rumours on the new Dialaphone mobile phones at the website.