Cooking iPhone Apps

Many people can find some apps rather expensive and disappointing. With cooking apps, it is worth looking for something quite out of the ordinary. If they just give you a selection of recipes then you have to decide whether you would be better off looking through the online recipes where there are many great websites out there to choose form. However, an phone app should be able to offer you something beyond that such as some video, good photos or just something a bit more interactive. Below are an example of some of the apps that are available.

Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals

This app has 50 recipes which the chef has written especially for this app. There are step-by-step photos so you can make sure you are doing everything right and there is even a 90 minute video where he shows you how to cook. The Apple iphone app store shows some review of this app and they are all good ones.

Nigella Quick Collection

This contains a selection of 70 simple and delicious meals. There are some videos showing demonstrations of some of the recipes and also some which illustrate techniques like how to de-seed a pomegranate. The app has some good photographs.


This is quite a cheap app and is also fun but useful. If you like cooking steaks but are never quite sure how long for, then this is perfect for you. You can select up to eight pieces of meat, you put in the cut and use the ruler to put in the thickness. Then after entering your required cooking level (such as rare, medium) it will then let you know when to turn it over and when it is done.


This is a free app which allows you to search over 30,000 recipes. You are able to save your favourites, so they are easier to access next time and use the ingredients lists to create shopping lists. You can email the recipes and shopping lists if you want to. There are featured recipes in different categories, a search facility and you can even filter by the foods you have in your fridge. It has been criticised for being too American and having a lot of adverts but it is free.

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