How to Configure IMAP on an iPhone

Nowadays it is really easy to set up IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) on the iPhone but few people actually know how this should be done. This is a service that can offer many different benefits and it is going to offer you the possibility to send and receive emails on any iPhone device. You do not have to necessarily download an extra iPhone app. There are some on the market that can do this with ease but if you do not want to use them, you can configure IMAP manually. This is definitely something of great use for business men or people that simply use the Internet quite often.

Keep in mind that you are going to need an email address, the password and the mail domain name before the setup process starts. After you have these details, you are going to have to go to tap on iPhone Mail. An alternative is to visit the Home Screen and then go to Settings. Then you can click on Mail and then on Add Account. The next step is to tap on Other and then tap on Add Mail Account. Users are going to be shown different fields that have to be filled.

In the field that says Name you should add your complete name and then enter the full email address like Add the password and then include a description before clicking the Save Button. In order to set up IMAP, you will have to click on the IMAP button. Then you need to enter incoming mail server address. This is usually under the form Next you will need to add your email address in full as a username. The SMTP server is going to usually be the same as the incoming server, the full e-mail as username and the password will be required again. Make sure that you change the settings and you will most likely receive an error message. Click on continue and wait for the iPhone to check the account information. As soon as this is over, click on your new account and then go to Advanced. Make sure that the Use SSL option is turned off and then tap on the “IMAP Path Prefix” button. Put in INBOX in upper case letters. Go back and then click on SMTP and Primary Server. Look for Server Port and enter “25” as a value. Now you should be able to send and receive emails through your iPhone.

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