iPhone app review – ingenie

Ingenie is a new brand in the UK offering young driver insurance. Their iPhone app has been designed specifically for ingenie customers. You can view your policy details, check the phone numbers for claims or breakdown recovery, but most importantly, you can check your driving feedback.

Ingenie fits a black box in your car that collects and transmits data on your driving trends. Depending on how you’ve been driving, your premium could increase or decrease every three months.

Customers can see how they’re doing by checking their driving feedback. This can be viewed on the ‘My Driving’ section of the app. ingenie provide colour-coded feedback on your speed, accelerating, braking and cornering. Green messages let you know that you’re driving consistently well, amber feedback indicates areas you need to improve on, and red messages inform you that there is a serious problem with that area of your driving.

As well as driving feedback the app also has a useful 10 step guide which takes you through what to do if you’ve had a crash.

The ingenie app is available to ingenie customers on the App Store.

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