Justifying the Huge Popularity of the iPhone 5

There are so many smart phones in the current digital market today but none can rival the iPhone 5G. Most manufacturers today have come out in large numbers to satisfy the growing demand for smartphone devices, and are continuously upgrading to meet the changing needs of the growing demands of the consumers. Some notable companies with notable Smartphones are Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, and the unrivaled industry giants Apple.

The reason why Apple Inc. deserves the giant title is because of the significant role it keeps playing in the technological world. Were it not for the Mac, today Windows would be the dominant OS in the market because UNIX is as good as non-existent owing to the fact that it is the most un-user friendly platform today. By the same token, Apple Inc. has made noteworthy contributions in the entertainment industry, starting with the much celebrated iPod and gradually evolving into what is today known as the iPad.

So what justifies this huge popularity of the iPhone 5G? Why is it thought to be the smartest phone yet in the market?

The first reason that justifies the huge popularity of the iPhone 5 is because Apple is very generous to work with other consumer-friendly companies. Apple has connections with Starbucks, Sony, Walmart, Visa among many others. It therefore goes without saying that it combines the best of all worlds to come up with a distinctive piece of device that will cater to consumers in all levels of operation. A good example is the integration of a Sony digital camera in the iPhone 5. This simple innovation is one of the many things that set the iPhone 5 apart.

The second reason why the iPhone 5 is recording such huge success is because of the technology behind it. Apple is known to utilize the latest unrivaled technical design; a good example is the Macbook Air. Apple is known for making featherweight devices that do not compromise on their efficiency. Actually, some of them are as competent, if not better than their heavier counterparts. It is therefore expected that the iPhone 5 will not disappoint when it comes to showcasing this sphere of Apple.

The great touch mechanism utilized in the iPhone 5 is the other great reason why this smartphone has gained such a huge competitive edge over the competition. According to studies done on touch screen phones, the 4G smartphone had a very sensitive and accurate ability to read a user’s finger. It is therefore expected that the iPhone 5G will be the most advanced and superior smartphone yet in the market.

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