New iPhone could be set to arrive this summer

There are strong rumours that the latest model in Apple’s iPhone range – the iPhone 5 is about to start production – with the aim that it will be in the shops in time for summer 2012. With the iPhone officially becoming the biggest selling Smartphone on the market during the latter quarter of 2011, this represents major news for enthusiasts, and the rumours come from a reliable source – namely Foxconn in China, via the 9to5 Mac website – meaning that there is plenty of reason for iPhone fans to get excited in the early part of this year.

With the rumours appearing to have a solid basis in fact, the speculation is already beginning about exactly what Apple will be offering consumers when it comes to the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5. The sources have indicated that more than one prototype of the iPhone 5 is in existence, all of which vary to some degree from the others, with the result that not even those working on the production of it are completely sure what the form factor will be eventually be for the iPhone 5. However the report provided by the sources does provide some indications as to standard features included in all the prototypes, and which it can therefore be feasibly assumed will be part of the eventual release. These include a form factor different from the iPhone 4S, a bigger 4-inch screen and the abandonment of the teardrop design. It has also been indicated that the iPhone 5 is longer and wider than the 4S, which makes sense as it is set to feature a bigger screen.

The fact that production on the iPhone 5 appears to be starting now has definitely raised hopes that Apple are planning a summer launch for it, which would match the strategy adopted so successfully for the 4S – check out the latest rumours on the new Dialaphone mobile phones at the website.

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