Real Money Gaming on iOS and Android Devices

Gambling apps have proven to be some of the most popular games on iOS and Android devices, and slowly but surely more options are coming to market that let players log onto poker and internet casino sites and play for real money. Tons of poker and casino iPhone apps have been available since the initial launch of the iPhone (including the Apple Texas Hold’em app developed by Apple itself) but the vast majority are for play money competition only.

Both Apple and Google have been hesitant to approve real money wagering apps in their respective online app stores, but Apple’s stance has begun to thaw a bit, especially for iPhone and iPad owners in countries outside the US. Major sportsbooks such as bwin and Paddy Power have been approved to list apps in both the App Store and the Android Market that let their customers outside the US place bets on sports, play poker, and try a few spins at sots, roulette, and other casino games.

Plenty of gambling apps exist that don’t involve actual wagering at all, such as casino strategy apps that can teach you how to count cards at blackjack as well as how to find the best video poker game to play. Utility apps for poker include free tournament clocks for managing your own poker games at home as well as odds calculators and tools for tracking your wins and losses over multiple playing sessions.

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