How Stable Is The iPhone Platform For Gaming?

Over the past few years, more and more developers, especially the creators of bingo games, have been turning their efforts towards designing games for iPhones – but how stable is this platform and how could possible instability effect the all important players gaming experience?

Operating System

As you’ll know, iPhones run on the iOS operating system which comes from Apple who makes the devices. Naturally this  means that the newest iPhones will always have the latest  (and best) version of the operating system in order to make the most of the phone.

When it comes to developing software or games for an iPhone operating system, developers will need to pay careful attention to the Apple powered IOS to make sure that the games function properly and don’t have unexpected quirks.


The next thing that you need to look at when considering the stability of the iPhone platform for gaming is the performance of these devices. While iPhone hardware might not seem as impressive as Android, you need to consider the way in which the iOS optimises and runs multiple apps at the same time. The way in which this technology is designed means that there is less work for the GPU and so the battery is less likely to drain as quickly as other devices, a massive advantage for the mobile gamer.

Although we usually think of ‘stability’ to include only issues such as freezing or lag, in the wider context, battery life can be considered under the same title.


The App store on iPhones gives gamers the opportunity to download a huge variety of games. However, the selection on offer is much lower than the selection offered by Android as it is much harder for developers to develop on the iPhone platform. While this is not necessarily a problem for those wanting to play the games – it does mean that fewer games will pop up on the App store with developers choosing the all round more development friendly platform, Android.


A further factor to consider when looking at the stability of the iPhone platform is the updates that occur on these devices. Apple often update their iOS, and this can be sent out to all iPhone users who will see improvements in their devices after they install the updated software. Of course, the concept of a continually improving handset sounds good and well, but developers will need to take into consideration the fact that their games too may need updating after a new IOS version release.

Of course, with regular updates being automatically streamed to iPhones, the technology can fail sometimes. Older models aren’t built to keep up with the newer iOS and people running dated handsets may find it impossible to download certain apps.

Final Verdict

The iPhone platform is relatively stable for those who want to play their favourite games due to the regularly updated iOS and the extensive list of games that are on offer. It seems clear that the app creation boom is set to continue for some time as developers seek to appease the seemingly insatiable demand from customers.

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