Applications For the iPhone are Geared at the USMLE Board Exam Review

There are very few medical students who look forward to the USMLE exams and just thinking about them can send even the best student into a panic. Apple, the maker of the iPhone understands the need for an easy way to study for them and this is why they came up with an application to help with studying. Not only have applications been made for the iPhone but they are also made for other Apple products such as the iPod Touch and the iPad.


One of the most popular apps are the pretests that are basically practice tests that offer ways for students to choose a medical specialty if they have not already done so. While other exams in the same area and on different platforms offer the same perks, only Apple apps allow the students to take their time with the tests. They can even pause the testing and go back to it later when more time is available for them to put their entire energy in to answering the questions. There are also study aids to help prepare for the exams that many find convenient to use because of the portability of the Apple products.

You will be able to know more about just what you will need by enrolling on an Apple course and making sure that you pass it. After you have passed, you will feel great!