10 More Rocking Apps for the iOS World

We couldn’t help ourselves. We put out a list of 5 apps that we wanted you to check out. However, we looked over everyone’s collection of great iOS apps and figured that ten more couldn’t hurt anything, right? Not at all!

So, let’s get into that list. Everyone’s going to have a different list but we wanted to publish ours. It’s pretty obvious that you’re going to want to have some time to check out all of these, so we limited it to just ten. If we come up with any more, we’ll make another guide. For now, here are those ten:

1. Vyclone

This is an app that’s available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad as well. This free app is a great video editing tool that lets you use video in a completely different way. This app is going to scan the area to see if anyone is shooting video near you. It will then edit all of the video clips together so that the same footage is seen from multiple angles. This is pretty neat for things like concerts, sports games, and events.

2. Highlight

This is an app that alerts you when a Facebook friend or anyone else with interests that match yours to hang out. You can send messages to them and even make some new friends. This app made its debut at SxSW and it looks like it’s definitely a crowd favorite.

3. Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio is all about finding the next podcast to fall in love with. If you’re mourning the death of talk radio in this country, don’t worry — Internet radio has taken over, and it’s clear that it’s definitely here to stay. You just have to make sure that you’re thinking always of the journey that you really want to make here. There’s no need to feel like it’s impossible to get on board with what really matters here — you’ll have plenty of podcasts to listen to. Stitcher Radio fills the gap that the Podcasts app left behind. Not sure where to begin? Just trust in the app and everything else will flow from there.

4. Pocket

Pocket lets you read everything offline that you view in Safari. You can change the text and also handle all of the usual sharing functions. Finished with content? Archive it rather than deleting it — that way you can still search for it if the mood strikes. It’s available across all iOS devices and is even available on Android. Way cool. Continue reading