What to Expect from the highly Touted iPhone 5

Everything is at the moment mere speculation when it comes to the highly touted iPhone 5. Consumers are yet to get official communication from Apple Inc. regarding the features to expect. For all consumers know at the moment, the iPhone 5 could just be an upgraded version of the iPhone 4. This device is slated for release either in late April or Early May of 2011. As is expected of anxious consumers, they have started doing their digging up in an effort to find out the features that they should expect. Although not substantiated, here are the most probable changes you should expect of the iPhone 5.

1.    Several carriers/ providers

For several years now, AT&T has enjoyed being the sole carrier in all iPhones, but things are expected to change with the expected new release. Verizon has secured a joint venture with Apple. What this therefore means is that being able to use your favorite carrier would be a huge relief to many consumers and will definitely improve Apple’s ratings. The company is however still hesitant to include more carriers but at least 2 are better than 1.

2.    Larger screen

The other expected improvement is on the screen size. This seems to be a wakeup call from others mart phone manufacturers as they seem to have already implemented this much needed change. Because of the growing demands of consumers today, Apple has been led to believe that consumers are in dire need of a larger screen that would facilitate multimedia viewing and what-a-view. One concern though is the rate at which the battery will be consumed should the screen size be changed.

3.    Biometric scanning

Thanks to advancement in technology, today the quickest and most secured way to authenticate someone is by scanning their fingerprints. This technology has become a huge success in automated building doors and some laptops, and is therefore expected that it will be successfully implemented in the iPhone 5. This feature could be utilized when locking and unlocking the iPhone, or alongside the other security features on the iPhone as a way of double verifying should one lose the device, considering it doubles up as an e-wallet.

4.    Use of NFC or RF

There are also rumors that the iPhone 5 could also facilitate communication via radio frequency or NFC (near field communication). This however is still a rumor and is in the tentative stage as the company is still weighing the options of having and not having the feature. This will make the smartphone very versatile, facilitating functioning as a car key, an RFID, or an e-wallet.