Expected Improvements on the Apple iPhone 5G

It is now official, the iPhone 5 is about to hit the markets. It is one of the most awesome devices in the market, which is the least that can be said for now. This is because it doubles up as more than just a smartphone, if the current rumors are anything to go by, the iPhone 5G from Apple Inc. is expected to double up as an e-wallet, car keys, an RFID and many more. Just the mere rumor of it hitting the market in a yet-to-be-announced date is reason enough to have most consumers push it up their must-have list, but it is understandable why considering the many features and changes it is rumored to bring to the table.

It is to be mentioned that while the iPhone 5G is slated for release anytime in 2011, there is no official communication as to the specific date or the official features the phone will have. The following therefore are simply rumors of the expected improvements and changes on the iPhone 5G.

1.    Improved home screen

At the moment, the iPhone 4G does not have a customizable dashboard. Being a company that heeds to consumer requests, chances are quite high that Apple will improve this all-important aspect by upgrading the iOS. It is the hope of consumers that if this feature is implemented, they can be able to customize their home screen with what they want and when they want it. Such things as calendar, inbox, reminders, notes, call log etc can come in handy when on the home screen.

2.    Improved Camera

Although the iPhone 4 camera had a much upgraded camera from that of its predecessor the iPhone 3, there are rumors that Apple Inc believes that consumers deserve much more in terms of the camera. There is reason to believe that Apple has partnered with Sony to offer an 8 Megapixel superior quality camera on the iPhone 5. The company is capitalizing on the simple fact that today’s electronic consumers are migrating from digital cameras to devices with multi-function abilities like iPhones.

3.    Improved Memory

The current iPhone in the market, the iPhone 4 has 16GB and 32GB models. Some consumers found this a huge disappointment considering the fact that being a multi-functional device, storage space is of much essence. The company is looking to address this issue on the upcoming device. Rumors are rife that it might come with 64GB and 128GB versions.

These are few of the many features to expect of the upcoming iPhone 5. It is the hope of all consumers that Apple will not disappoint because these are certainly features which consumers will take with both hands.