A Quick Look at the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has already come out, but we wanted to wait until there was enough “in the wild” data about it to really review it here on the site. Keep in mind: this isn’t going to be some massive update if you’re used to the iPhone 4S. However, if you’re coming from the iPhone 3GS, then this is a beauty to behold. You’re going to actually get a much more responsive phone overall, which is what a lot of Apple fans were looking forward to.

Let’s go a bit deeper:

When you unbox this phone, you’re going to enjoy the good looks. It’s a lightweight phone designed to be as thin as possible and still be pretty easy to navigate with your thumbs. This is pure touchscreen action, and it’s a nice experience.

Battery life:

Battery life was one of the top issues that Apple fans were wondering about. The reality here is that battery life is going to be what it’s going to be, which means that you need to always be thinking about real time usage versus manufacturer’s data. It’s all about how you use your phone. If you’re the type of person that is constantly connected to data, then you might get a lower battery life than someone else. Generally speaking, “normal”, real world usage will get you eight to nine hours of battery. That’s pretty lengthy, considering that average use for most people is going to include surfing the web, checking email, sending a lot of iMessages and otherwise having a good time. Your phone was designed to be used to the fullest. If you aren’t doing that, then you’re going to be disappointed across the board.

The iPhone 5 offers Wi-Fi connectivity and 4G LTE, as well as 4G HSPA+.


According to the in the wild reports we’ve collected, there have been a few problems plaguing the iPhone 5. There was a problem with Wi-Fi, but there was an update that fixed that. There’s a few recurring issues with iMessages, but your mileage may vary here.

Camera: you have two cameras, front and rear. The rear camera is most likely what you will turn to the most, but the front facing one is great for video conferencing — FaceTime, anyone? You’ll have Panorama mode, which lets you take those wide format photos that are popping up as being all the rage right now.

There’s also good connectivity with this phone. You can switch back and forth between HSPA+ 4G and 4G LTE. On AT&T, this means that you can be on the phone and look at the web at the same time. Verizon doesn’t have this at this time.

A few people have asked about Siri, so we’ll be brief here. Siri has had bad reviews across the board. It’s a good feature set on paper / in theory, but in the wild it really doesn’t live up to the hype.

For people looking for specs, here’s the condensed list:

* Weighs 3.95oz
* Loudspeaker
* 4G includes 700 / 850 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 (CDMA)
* 4G on GSM – 800 / 1800 / 2100
* Camera: (rear) 8MP with 3264×2448 pixels, AF, flash
(front) 1.2MP, 720p @ 30fps, FaceTime
* OS is iOS6
* Processor: dual core 1.2Ghz (fast enough to access all of your apps)
* Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
* TV-out
* full organizer suite
* Battery talk time – around 8 hours
stand by – around 225 hours


This is the “hot phone” of the year for many people. Your mileage may vary but it’s definitely a phone that you want to check out for yourself. Try it out and see what works for you. Good luck!

Justifying the Huge Popularity of the iPhone 5

There are so many smart phones in the current digital market today but none can rival the iPhone 5G. Most manufacturers today have come out in large numbers to satisfy the growing demand for smartphone devices, and are continuously upgrading to meet the changing needs of the growing demands of the consumers. Some notable companies with notable Smartphones are Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, and the unrivaled industry giants Apple.

The reason why Apple Inc. deserves the giant title is because of the significant role it keeps playing in the technological world. Were it not for the Mac, today Windows would be the dominant OS in the market because UNIX is as good as non-existent owing to the fact that it is the most un-user friendly platform today. By the same token, Apple Inc. has made noteworthy contributions in the entertainment industry, starting with the much celebrated iPod and gradually evolving into what is today known as the iPad.

So what justifies this huge popularity of the iPhone 5G? Why is it thought to be the smartest phone yet in the market?

The first reason that justifies the huge popularity of the iPhone 5 is because Apple is very generous to work with other consumer-friendly companies. Apple has connections with Starbucks, Sony, Walmart, Visa among many others. It therefore goes without saying that it combines the best of all worlds to come up with a distinctive piece of device that will cater to consumers in all levels of operation. A good example is the integration of a Sony digital camera in the iPhone 5. This simple innovation is one of the many things that set the iPhone 5 apart.

The second reason why the iPhone 5 is recording such huge success is because of the technology behind it. Apple is known to utilize the latest unrivaled technical design; a good example is the Macbook Air. Apple is known for making featherweight devices that do not compromise on their efficiency. Actually, some of them are as competent, if not better than their heavier counterparts. It is therefore expected that the iPhone 5 will not disappoint when it comes to showcasing this sphere of Apple.

The great touch mechanism utilized in the iPhone 5 is the other great reason why this smartphone has gained such a huge competitive edge over the competition. According to studies done on touch screen phones, the 4G smartphone had a very sensitive and accurate ability to read a user’s finger. It is therefore expected that the iPhone 5G will be the most advanced and superior smartphone yet in the market.

Apple iPhone 5 – The Next Generation Gadget

By the time of writing this article, Apple would have probably completed the last specifications of the rumored iPhone 5 that is expected to hit the markets any time soon. Although the company is very silent on the expected features of the device, consumers can only wait in bated breaths but expect the best that Apple has to offer. Being the industry giants when it comes to electronics, there is no reason why consumers should doubt the capability of this new device.

While debate is rife as to the additional features that the Apple iPhone 5 is expected to come with, there can be no mistaking that there are some notable features which, despite being much anticipated by consumers, they have been left out. There are some features that are simply out of the way for the standards of Apple while other features are simply ridiculous.

The first notable missing feature is the Micro HDMI port. In March of 2011, the company announced that the iPhone 5 will support 720p and 1080p video outputs. While this is OK, the only problem is that consumers will need to incur an additional cost of $40 in order to purchase Apple’s Digital AV, as that is the only converter that can work on the iPhone 5. Not only is this converter bulky, when compared to a micro HDMI port that will use an affordable and very efficient cable that goes for only $5, it is a huge turn-off to consumers. If you are still hoping that the company will hear the plea of consumers and make changes, you might want to scrub the feature off your list because there seem to be no signs of any adjustments at the moment.

The second thing is the availability of removable batteries, yes you heard that right. Although other companies are addressing this all-important issue, Apple seems to pay less attention to it. The company is sticking to its initial plan which, according to the company, it makes the devices featherweight hence portable. It is to be mentioned that this is not a serious issue for most consumers, save for the only reason that there would be a problem powering the smart phone. As such, the best course of action would be to take the phone for repair when things go wrong unlike in other similar devices that would do with a simple battery replacement. Continue reading