5 Apps on the iPhone To Let You Truly Have a Virtual Office

These days, a business owner can’t just stay in one office. If they really want to expand and make as much money as possible, they have to start traveling.  Yet how do you bring the best of the office with you whenever you go? Well, you will want to make sure that you actually stop and look at the tools you have already.

Believe it or not, the iPhone is a powerful tool that you can use to really make things happen in a big way. For example, you have a lot of free and cheap apps in the App Store to help you gain additional functionality. Some of them are so good that you might not even have to carry along your laptop for the ride, though it doesn’t hurt to have it handy.

We collected 5 apps for the iPhone that really will help you make the best out of traveling for your business — no matter what industry you’re in!

1. DropBox

If you work outside of your office, then online file storage is definitely a must. We really like DropBox because it’s easy to use — you move files and you’re good to go. The site’s administrators are very good at backups as well, which means that you never have to worry about losing your files just because a site was unreliable. DropBox has been around for a while, and it looks like it’s definitely here to stay.

2. Find My iPhone

If you’ve lost your iPhone, this app can help you get it back. It uses the iPhone’s GPS power to automatically help you recover your phone. You can find it on the map, which can help if your phone has been stolen. If there’s sensitive data on your Apple phone, then you can have it wiped remotely — which is definitely a lifesaver!

Of course, if you’re like us, you’ve probably lost your phone in between the couch cushions at least once or twice. The app can send out a beeping alert that can help you find your phone that way too.

3. Genius Scan

Ever been to a presentation and you wished that you could copy down what the whiteboard said before it was erased? Enter Genius Scan, which is an app that lets you snap a picture and categorize it so that you can find it easily later. You can also “scan” real documents, like receipts. You can upload the scans to Google Docs and even EverNote (which has an awesome iPhone app, by the way). It’s $2.99, but that’s cheap when you look at everything that it can do.

Want to put it to your computer without having to worry about cords and cables? You can do that via Wi-Fi — all wireless, just the way you like it! Continue reading

5 useful productivity and task management apps for the iPad and iPhone

The iPad and iPhone 4 are the most popular mobile devices on the market – there’s no doubt about it, and it’s actually impressive how they still hold their own against the hordes of new Android devices that outdo them in the specs department.

But the secret is simple, really: iOS 4, the operating system powering them, is very effective at using resources, and not only is it very flexible and functional, but also extremely easy to use – if you’ve tried to use an iPhone 4 and an Android or even Windows Phone 7 smartphone the first time, you’ll know what I’m talking about – iOS is so intuitive that you can start working the exact moment you get it in your hands.

While at first, the first iPhone and iPad was meant more for the consumer market, the apps revolution has made it possible to use it for business tasks as well, without any issues or problems. Business users, professionals and productive individuals alike can easily use it to manage their work, time and life, replacing the usual bunch of notebooks and computer software meant for the purpose.

So, here are just a few of the best productivity and task management apps for the iPhone and iPad devices:

Documents to Go:

If you need to view and/or edit documents on the go, you should know that it’s very easy to do it on the iPad or iPhone – all you need is the right app! Documents to Go is one of the best office apps for iOS, and you can use it to view PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, PPT and many other file formats that are usually used everywhere. You can even open unrecognized files, if they contain text or images!


Skype has had their application approved on the iTunes market after a pretty long waiting period, during which Apple declined it for various reasons, that’s why iPhone and iPad users started to enjoy it only recently. Of course, you must be familiar with it – it’s the best app for VoIP calls and messages – all securely encrypted and cheaper than any other landline or cellphone company offer around. I hope that Microsoft acquiring Skype will not stop them from updating and improving the iOS (and Android) versions and Apple will not remove it from the market.


Taking notes is one of the best ways to save ideas and thoughts when you have them for later review. Evernote is the best app for this purpose: it allows you to save text, images, photos, site bookmarks, video and audio recordings as notes and view or edit them later (with reminders and all). The best thing about it is that you get an online account that stores a copy of everything, so you never lose your information even if you lose your phone, and can easily access it from your Mac, PC or Android phone.


ReQall is a great To Do list and task manager, which allows you to manage your daily/weekly/monthly schedule with ease and never lose a meeting or important task, thanks to the extensive reminders system. Just enter the task and description, attach any important files or bookmarks, and let ReQall take care of reminding you when things need to get done.

The iWork Suite

Although it’s only for the iPad, the iWork suite from Apple is totally worth the asking price. It is Apple’s own collection of apps for document editing, and contains Pages, Numbers and Keynote, all of which are simply amazing – you can see from the start that these apps were made by professionals. You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly and easily with these apps, and then output them to a printer, projector or simply save them wherever you want. The suite is a must have if you can afford it!

Sure enough, the iTunes market has a lot of other great apps, but if you’re new to Apple products, I recommend starting with the above apps, and then browsing the market for others if they don’t fit your needs.