The Best iPhone Music Production Apps

If you’ve got an ear for making music and wish that you didn’t have to hum tunes to yourself until you got home to record them, you can grab one of these many awesome applications for your iPhone to write while you’re on the go. With everything from guitar amp simulators, to pianos, to drum machines, you could even go as far as produce an entire album straight from your iPhone. Here are some of the best apps you can grab for the iPhone that can help you crank out tunes wherever you are during the day.


iSyn incorporates a drum machine and two fully functional and programmable synthesizers in one app. Our favorite feature of the app is its ability to play a backing track complete with drums and a pre recorded synth part as you jam over the top of it with your guitar, or with another one of the available pianos or synths on the phone. You can create an entire one man band effect as you write and record whatever comes to mind during your miniature jam session.

Intua Beatmaker:

If you’ve dabbled with drum machines in the past, this app should be a breeze to make your way through. However, if the terms velocity, effects busses, and sequencers are foreign to you, you may want to take a look at the massive 41 page manual this app comes with. If you’re serious about making beats, Intua Beatmaker is for you. However, if you’re just looking for something to make some simple rock beats with, everything in this application may be far too much for you to handle.


For all of the piano players out there, this app is for you. Unlike other apps that limit your ability to play things like chords and multiple finger positions like you can in real life, PianoStudio lets you do all of that and more. By using pre-programmed chords that are linked to buttons, you can sequence out different chords and melody parts to simulate actual piano play, rather than trying to write entire songs with just one octave of notes.


If you’ve got the right connections for your iPhone, you can hook your guitar straight up to the phone and use the Amplitube app. Amplitube is a guitar amp simulator and has a huge range of amps and effects to choose from. The amps aren’t licensed by the official amp makers, so you won’t find amps made by Fender or Marshall on Amplitube, but it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which amps are designed to mimic the real life ones.