Surprise! Apple Cannot Sell Under the iPhone Name in Mexico

Apple’s been having some bad news lately. A judge has decided that Apple cannot sell phones under the iPhone name in Mexico. However, before you start feeling sorry for Apple right now, it’s time for some backstory.

Apple took on iFone, a Mexican telecommunications company in order to protect their trademark. Unfortunately, it’s made Apple land in hot water because there is strong evidence of prior use before Apple came along. We’re talking about iFone registering its trademark in 2003 and Apple registering theirs in 2007. They tried to come after iFone, and iFone decided to fight back.

They sought damages, which may end up being 40% of iPhone sales revenue in Mexico. In addition, iFone wants to keep Apple from having anything under the iPhone name in Mexico. The judge has denied Apple’s injunction to sell under that name, so it’s going to be tough sledding ahead for Apple in Mexico.

The iPhone 5 has been selling like gangbusters, so it will be interesting to see what happens from here.

Just another piece of tech news that you might have missed, so we’re Bringing it Back as usual.