Best Free iPhone Games


Collect as many diamonds as you can to charge your power and get through some challenging and tough obstacles. If you enjoy Doodle Jump you will also love this addictive and entertaining game. Great graphics, exciting level ups.

Angry Birds Lite

Smash the enemy, the green pigs who stole the Birds’s eggs. Angry Birds Lite comes with endless hours of fun, 12 brain challenging levels, quality sound and animations, real physics and impressive puzzles.

Tap Zoo

Expand you own Zoo with new animals and attractions to engage visitors. Choose between 50 animals, build restaurants and stores, place rivers and sidewalks, plant tress to make your Zoo more enticing for guests.

Assault Squadron

If you love shooters then Assault Squadron is for you. Upgrade your ships and special abilities to defeat your enemy, while enjoying amazing visuals and experiencing every hit and explosion via the vibration feature….Well done game. Continue reading

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