Why Buy an iPhone?

To many people think an iphone may seem like a big expense, but there are many good reasons for having one. Many people feel that it is just an expensive phone and although it is a phone and phone book, it has a lot more to offer than that.

There is the Internet access for one thing. This allows you to be able to access certain websites wherever you are, meaning that you can get a lot of information very easily, keep an eye on your eBay auctions while you are out and about and even compare prices of things in the shops with what’s available online. It can be an extremely useful thing to have. However, there are other phone that can do this as well. If you like listening to music you can do so on this phone, rather than having to carry a separate MP3 player.

The screen is also a lot bigger than many other devices and very clear with a built in camera and you can even have video conferences using it. There are a huge selection of apps as well, many of them are free or just a small amount of money and so there are lots of great things. There are games and  recipes, maps and music, exercise and work. With such a lot to choose from, the only disadvantage of the phone is that you will spend a very long time enjoying and playing with it when it is new and maybe even when it is not. But then if you have a great phone, why not enjoy it!

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