Top 10 iPhone Hacks

1. How to bring flash on your iPhone

Gordon, JavaScript runtime, developed by Tobias Schneider enables flash based content to be runned and displayed on your iPhone. You don’t have to jailbreak your phone to enable flash . If the website has Gordon installed then your browser will automatically load the JavaScript and you will able to view flash based content.You can see demos of the working script here

2. How to sync your iPhone with multiple computers

Normally Apple only allows to sync media content on your your iPhone with one PC at a time. Adding another computer will result in the following error message: “The iPhone is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?” Andrew Grant provides an easy step by step tutorial to fix this. You can find the tutorial here

3. How to access the scientific calculator.

This is pretty easy. When you are using your calculator just rotate your iPhone into landscape mode and vuala.. you are now able to make scientific calculations.

4. How to take a screenshot.

By pressing the Home and “Power/Sleep” button simultaneously at the same time your phone will automatically make a shot of your actual screen and save it to the Camera Roll.

5.Force quit a frozen application

Holding (5-6 seconds) the Home button will just do that for you.

6. How to turn off the Accelometer

Jailbreak your iPhone

2. Go to Cydia.
2. Search for Boss Prefs.
4. Install it.
5. Go back to Cydia and search for Rotation Inhibitor.
6. Install it.
7. To toggle rotation on and off, simply open up Boss Prefs, and you’ll now see a Rotation option in there.

7. How to enable Emoji icons on iPhone 3.0

1. Install Spell Number from the iTunes App Store (it’s free)
2. Launch the app
3. Type 91929394.59
4. Press the Home button
5. Go to Settings> General > Keyboards
6. Select Emoji under Japanese
7. Delete the app (if you want) because the emoji icons will remain [Via issmashphone]

8. How to get Hulu TV shows on your iPhone for offline watching using Windows

1. Go here and download Hulu Video Downloader
2. Copy and paste the URL to any Hulu video
3. Choose a file format (.flv or .avi)
4. Use any video converter program to convert it to an iPhone friendly format
4. Put the video in iTunes, and sync it up![Via issmashphone]
9.How to turn off SMS preview

Go to “General > Passcode Lock” and enter a 4-digit passcode. After that disable “Show SMS Preview”.

10. How to Create free iPhone Ringtones using iTunes

If you own a MAC then you may use GarageBand, but if not you can use CyberNotes. Read detailed instruction at

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